Bright Ceiling -Upside Down Boat Ark

Great weekend for the Gallery – Lovely weather and the reception ceiling installed bright white reflects the light into the room splendidly as you can see from the photos. After much debate and experimentation I have had to abandon the book wall papering idea for this room – it was hard to get the thin pages to adhere without wrinkles, the paper was not as white as I thought so the finish not as pristine as I had expected and long term performance dubious as it may yellow quickly and not look so great if I needed to paint over it, also it did not disguise the joins in the plasterboard as well as I thought it would and taping over them was not a great success either.

Plan B – Will is going to skim it (thin plaster coat over the plasterboard – then I can paint it and anytime it needs a refresh it’s a smooth surface, so a longer lasting smart finish. I can still use the dramatic black trim I have bought for the corners round the windows and doors and the secondary glazing with its go faster chrome detailing will still look great and the walls less busy perfect for showing off the artwork.

Book papering may have a place somewhere else in the gallery – watch this space.

The upside down boat ceiling in the garage has been replaced and no doubt we will only let two people in at a time to see its precious cargo was the joke as the lads restored the tongue n groove panels, the modern planks used for this new ark are narrower than the originals – just lovely to see the shape of the old ceiling restored of course it does now have a new cabin at one end (new disabled toilet) I think it will be best to keep it light. The old ceiling was unfortunately not rescue-able very rotten in places where the roof had leaked, it’s sooty dark colour a product of Victorian industry and local coal fires. I think maybe add a touch of gloss to bounce the light around talking of lights they are coming on, suspended flat cage tray with clip on spots held up in each corner by metallic red gear stick knobs.

Other news – the damp patch in the coach house has not disappeared as expected – we thought it was the old lead pipes leaking under the floor, like in the garage but the water has been cut to the old water system for a good while since the new water supply fitted (see photo of the thin blue line to the right of the garage doors) so a mystery damp patch on the floor and adjacent wall that still needs solving – Will has started a test pit at the corner of the damp to see if he can find the problem. Talking of problems it was discovered that the tall wall between the gallery garden and next door was in a very unsafe condition now the ivy and brambles have been cleared away so had to be taken down for safety – please see photos of replacement wall that Will has built.

Progress has been made on the hand rail for the ramp it’s cut to size and ready to install – just need the right size allen key, the base fixing firmly to the floor and rail into the fixing already in place on the wall. I have white gloss coated the extractor fan support in preparation for installation by the electricians as it will soon be time to get them back for the final fix to phase one!

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