Small details calm before the Madness

Please see September 2020 pictures we start with the first prototype 5 card pack, based on five of my Bridgwater Carnival paintings. In the pack you get five different prints created from my paintings they are blank inside for personal messages 5″ square with envelopes. All possible because of

Next we have photographs of electrical features including lamp shades, the first completed black shiny switch in the garage set into the brickwork and one of the two suspended by chains metal trays supporting the clip on spot lights with their hammered stainless steel finish. Six spotlights on each this will allow precise positioning of the lights on each painting hung on the wall/garage doors – the chains also allow for adjustment of height for both of the lighting arrays.

The other two pictures are of the round ceiling light in the disabled bathroom.

The new putty on the garage window was well cured and a top coat of black gloss has been painted on – next job to tile the windowsill with its white shiny tiles then when that is set to install the secondary glazing on the white wood frame and decorate with the thin chrome trim to cover mini fixing screws in the clear Perspex.

This weekend is set to bring some big changes – the ceiling in the garage is developing back into the lovely upside down boat as it originally started. The poor state of the roof had made this thin wooden skin past its useful life so replacement tongue and groove necessary so new panels are being installed/completed now the roof has been repaired. The white fire retardant ceiling with insulation above is going up in the main reception this I believe will make it look and feel very different, so much closer to completion.

The new pipework hidden under the upside down boat woodwork apart from an upright bright blue water pipe in the corner making an electric feature line between the garage doors and original sealed brick wall. Then once the building work is complete in the garage we will add the handrail for the ramp, finish the lighting, the sliding door for the bathroom, paint the garage floor, put the safety flooring on the ramp, finish the disabled loo with some shelves and a hansom vinyl floor.

Talking of flooring the commercial vinyl has arrived for the reception and I am hoping the offcut will be just right for the old bathroom floor. Exciting times.

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