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Share the Journey with me – from old workshop to gallery

Hello, my name is Bridget I have been watching Homes under the hammer for some while now along with money for nothing, the Repair shop, Grand designs, Small spaces etc – I love watching the transformations the creativity and seeing what’s possible, what has been achieved. Well I have a project of my own now – not bought at auction but purchased in the normal way having fallen in love with it.

Undercover work & Porch in the sky

Electricians lighting up the undercover yard was exciting, seeing the re-use of the old doors hung to temporarily close off the long gallery as fixing that 100m long roof is in with the Sculpture garden as phase two of the gallery project, Phase one draws to a close too, the opening now so few precious […]

British Medals & British Bees

What an Olympic season so proud of our fantastic competitors coming home with or without a medal, what an outstanding effort with the pandemic obstacles adding hugely to the extraordinary effort needed and stress of training in less than ideal conditions – creativity needed to train at home, hero’s even before they left for Tokyo, […]

Hot, Hot, Hot…………..

Our heatwave/summer patch although hot 30*+ not devastating like the Extreme heat in America nor do we have the deadly flooding like Germany & the Netherlands thank goodness, all is sleepy quiet down the gallery not a breeze or builder in site. Chris has painted more walls on the front of the coach house in […]

Changing times Baby

Work has started on the baby changing area in the original workshop loo at the wide window end of the triangle shaped bathroom built under the stairs up to St. Saviours studio. Re-use is better than recycle the changing table is made from a couple of lovely old wash stands, white marble from one as […]

Sign of the times – Zen needed

Covid grinds on. Delta wave trouble is rippling through, delaying plans, creating tension and despair. My personal health (not covid) has also put a spanner in the works, So things are getting there but achingly slowly and has to be paid for without trade to support it – I know I am not alone…… I […]

PennBerkeley Prize

Just to explain the domain name in connection to the gallery project – The PennBerkeley Prize is an annual award for Young Artist of the year in memory of my late husband Kevin who always put young people first. for more details please see

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