Not ‘homes under the hammer’

Share the Journey with me – from old workshop to gallery

Hello, my name is Bridget I have been watching Homes under the hammer for some while now along with money for nothing, the Repair shop, Grand designs, Small spaces etc – I love watching the transformations the creativity and seeing what’s possible, what has been achieved. Well I have a project of my own now – not bought at auction but purchased in the normal way having fallen in love with it.

Heartfelt Platinum Jubilee & Exhibition

After the Storms and the start of the Ukraine invasion it was a very quiet time for the gallery. The long awaited answer about the grant for phase 2 Long gallery and Sculpture garden was not successful a disappointment and will delay progress considerably as will rising costs – the same boat as everyone else. […]

War after the storms – needed Peace

The first Storm blew the gallery drive gates off and ripped the letters of the Gallery Open banner, The second stripped the cutout sticky-back letters off the other banner and then storm 3 wrenched tiles of the roof and damaged the triple doors! Just too windy, well given up on banners for the while and […]

New Year, New Signs & Romance

Lighter longer days and the new signs have arrived. Mounted on the side of the building. Kept the wolf from the door by displaying him in the window, he showed us the way into the New year we are now working on our valentines window putting romance & love out into the world.. Thoughts are […]

Animal Magic

Completing the final touches to the new garage gallery exhibition ‘Animal Magic’ not the only magic in Bridgy gallery, what with the fairy lights, purple snowflake shadows and the jaunty Robin in the gallery Christmas window, a painting by local artist Nicky Farrell, the Scottie dogs in the snow by Eliza bring winter fun and […]

Happy Christmas and Thank you

Time to celebrate to give thanks for the year and to all our customers, friends and family. I would also like in particular to thank my Mum who has been on hand to help, clean and talk to guests and help in many, many ways and to my Dad who had to leave us this […]

PennBerkeley Prize

Just to explain the domain name in connection to the gallery project – The PennBerkeley Prize is an annual award for Young Artist of the year in memory of my late husband Kevin who always put young people first. for more details please see

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