Not ‘homes under the hammer’

Share the Journey with me – from old workshop to gallery

Hello, my name is Bridget I have been watching Homes under the hammer for some while now along with money for nothing, the Repair shop, Grand designs, Small spaces etc – I love watching the transformations the creativity and seeing what’s possible, what has been achieved. Well I have a project of my own now – not bought at auction but purchased in the normal way having fallen in love with it.

On the threshold of a dream

Well, what a lovely lot of wonderful gifts – re-use is better than recycle! Have installed security grills on the downstairs windows in the coach house a gift from a neighbor, Also some very smart display stands in chrome and black glass for the gallery and a gift for my birthday a lot of paving […]

I can see clearly now – hooked on detail

The old bobbly glass panes with the metal grid in have been replaced with glass you can see through in the reception sash window – so soon you will be able to appreciate the wall hanging sculptures on the display white wall from reception on cold days like today. Snagging and detailing in the gallery […]

Entrenched – Fun guy & Lion

The weather is bitter – so a quick catch up on the outside in the garden mostly drab this season is sporting one brave as a lion dandelion and some impressive fungus fruits. It snowed for a while today so indoor jobs much preferred. Disabled toilet now has a solid doorframe to lock into, so […]

Power underground – Post dilemma

Western Power have restored the electric supply to the gallery replacing the old armored cable and routing it safely all the way to the fuse-board in St. Saviours studio, the impressive cable-join now buried at the bottom of the deep hole, dug not quite round nor square more rectangular under the dismantled wall, which has […]

You wall not believe it!

I’m sure you all remember when the wall fell a few weeks ago knocked down by a customer’s car in the garage next door, well, the wall just rebuilt by Jack, the gates mended and last night a new post put in position lightly attached just to secure gates for the night. This morning Will […]

PennBerkeley Prize

Just to explain the domain name in connection to the gallery project – The PennBerkeley Prize is an annual award for Young Artist of the year in memory of my late husband Kevin who always put young people first. for more details please see

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