Not ‘homes under the hammer’

Share the Journey with me – from old workshop to gallery

Hello, my name is Bridget I have been watching Homes under the hammer for some while now along with money for nothing, the Repair shop, Grand designs, Small spaces etc – I love watching the transformations the creativity and seeing what’s possible, what has been achieved. Well I have a project of my own now – not bought at auction but purchased in the normal way having fallen in love with it.

Going with the flow – River & Pebble

Today was the day that the Aco rain drain was to be fitted at the building end of the drive to stop the rainwater running down the drive into the covered yard, especially important to sort out before installation of the secondhand bifold hardwood doors. Will cut across the tarmac to the rainwater drain to […]

Greyer shade of pale – Virtual reality

The reception walls are really getting there with the top coat of pale grey applied by our painter Brett, the reveals have all been plastered by Will, the glass is arriving for the side door and our electrician Kurtis will be back next week to install the lighting. Even the radiators will soon be back […]

State of the art with Nights drawing in

The garage doors have their new weatherboards on now fixing the broken teeth look, they have been given a fresh coat of black gloss. To complete this job some sloping moldings have been cut to size and undercoated ready to gloss paint and apply to the doors to make the rain run off properly. The […]

101 posts written

What a milestone this is my hundred and first blog post its been an amazing journey so far I have found out so much, experienced an extraordinary period in human history and in my own life. Watched my art develop, the gallery reveal it was older than I ever thought and more fascinating as work […]

It’s a gas – cupboard

A walk to the gallery yesterday for exercise, a brief visit to say hi and take a few photos very tired after watching other people working. The gloss paint is going on the large black garage doors downstairs, upstairs on the outside of the large loading bay doors they are going shiny black too following […]

PennBerkeley Prize

Just to explain the domain name in connection to the gallery project – The PennBerkeley Prize is an annual award for Young Artist of the year in memory of my late husband Kevin who always put young people first. for more details please see

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