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Share the Journey with me – from old workshop to gallery

Hello, my name is Bridget I have been watching Homes under the hammer for some while now along with money for nothing, the Repair shop, Grand designs, Small spaces etc – I love watching the transformations the creativity and seeing what’s possible, what has been achieved. Well I have a project of my own now – not bought at auction but purchased in the normal way having fallen in love with it.

Inaugural Gates – Power of St. Saviours

Old gates transformed with skilled welder Brett and some unwanted metal yet again demonstrates re-use is better than re-cycle especially under the hands of an artist/craftsman I think you will agree a splendid pair and a job well done. Today Kurtis our electrician finished off most of the electrical work to completed phase one in […]

Art is Not Dead – Letting in the light

Please see Kayleigh Miller’s latest Lino cut prints fabulous original work, she is looking at all art forms with poignant theme ‘Art is Not Dead’. Bridgy Gallery is displaying two of these works in the window art forms painting on left and writing on the right, two of my personal favorite activities. You can see […]

Of Mice & Men

I saw a little grey/brown mouse running around in the garden – the builders gone home, it was taking a look around like me, no doubt the mouse was hoping there were some lunch crumbs. I am so happy that the transformation continues it is a ray of light in the darkness of my isolation, […]

Happy New Year – Floored

I trust you all had a merry little Christmas and my sincere commiserations to those who’s plans were totally messed up this unusual festive season. Please see latest December 2020 and January 2021 photos, also its fun to look back to December 2019 quite a contrast. Reception is nearly complete the flooring relaxing over the […]

Happy Christmas

Just wanted to say have the best Christmas you can and if you are on your own then raise a glass and know that we are all with you raising a glass and wishing you well. Things have slowed down at the gallery but not stopped completely today a shiny new gas pipe was installed, […]

PennBerkeley Prize

Just to explain the domain name in connection to the gallery project – The PennBerkeley Prize is an annual award for Young Artist of the year in memory of my late husband Kevin who always put young people first. for more details please see

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