X’tract Art

What is Xtract art? Xtract art is the extraction of image, feeling, mood, colour, history from a place it is part of something, it is not abstract but can have a look of abstraction. Evocative, talkative, attention demanding, often colourful, it is inspired by the beauty of everyday overlooked objects, scenes that can be found on the paths, byways, tracks, streets of our towns, city landscapes and countryside.

Bridget Penn-Berkeley an artist currently working in this style known for her iconic Mercury Prize Award Sculpture  she has been working in the Xtract style for the last few years an intense period of creative energy expressed in an explosion of colourful acrylic on canvas she is based in Bridgwater Somerset ‘home of carnival’ and her work embodies the energy and colour of carnival.

Her Bridgwater Circle series ‘Round Bridgwater’ can be split into several sub sets which include the following groups of everyday objects.

Bolts & fixings, Service & drain covers, Remnants, Lights, Wrought, Knobs, bollards & posts, Ashtrays & Brunel’s Station.


Inner Spin – New bolt from fence
Paragon Papa Fish – drain cover
Post Prachi – Post tops Rhode Lane

Kings Magician – bell push Kings Square


Bridget takes photographs as she walks around Bridgwater & elsewhere these are the starting point of her paintings taking the images that most inspire her she uses her laptop to bring out the colours present in the photo and crops and turns the image holding regular competitions between these images, she then picks those that she wants to commit to canvas choosing a format and size to suit.  Bridget paints in acrylic on canvas her work will be on display in Bridgy Gallery in Bridgwater Somerset when it opens in 2021. You can also find her greetings cards from Bridgwater Circle series and other work on http://www.lovefromtheartist.com