Tree day and flagstone discoveries

Where to start – had a very busy productive couple of days the sycamore tree growing too close to the building no doubt a daughter of the big sycamore tree has been expertly taken down, letting in the sunshine, the stump will make a great bench support great job Mark and his team – back on Friday to sort out the dead trees further up the garden.

Ged, Jamie and I were looking and measuring where the outside fire escape stairs are going to go and were looking at the grass underfoot and discovered that there was some hard-standing just under the grass on digging the soil away from the surface not concrete but some lovely stones sloping away from the building – we also discovered what can only be described as a standing stone/stone post lying down next to the old black oil tank – just lovely.

Have had a quote from Billy and agreed roof work to fix up the front building the guttering around it and fix the leak in the flat roof over the toilet – also to remove the rusty old oil tank and stand the stone up – marvelous. I think the breeze block supports for the tank will make a good barbecue next to the patio area!

Work starts on Friday to take down the ceiling and strip out the office/reception area, Tuesday Scott and I took out a fold-down table under the window in the downstairs workshop and some shelves in front of the inside of the window.

Organised a site visit for Matt to look at the electrics and Reg to examine the plumbing, have had thoughts/plans about the kitchen partition wall and opened the soon to be kitchen door. I am going to ask Jamie the carpenter to look at the front door. Will be shopping for the battens, insulation and new ceiling panels – busy as bees over the next five days. Photos refreshed take a look at the changes.

One comment

  1. Sounds as if you are unearthing lots of interesting things! Great to read all the progress reports. Keep up the good work, but do not overtaxed yourselves!


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