When I’m cleaning Windows

Having spent the morning on domestic chores I was pleased to be back at the building sharing a look around with some friends, we were looking at the ground floor workshop which I thought was the bottom of a two up two down house before it was extended into the workshop premises it has been for at least the last 40 years, we were discussing staircases and where this may have been situated but noticing that the chimney breast and fireplace was upstairs then when we were downstairs again we were looking at the parlor floor which is brick block-work with a dent/channel (this has been filed in somewhat in more recent times). The doors open out to the whole front room width in a three door arrangement and the walls each side of these massive doors are special rounded brick it has obviously been in this arrangement since it was built not converted as I had thought, maybe there was not an internal stair case parlor or kitchen after all. Looks more like a coach house they said – the separate outside door (which I got open today ) is very wide for a domestic door too – so stable for a horse? . My guests went on their merry way and I got to work taking down the very busy wood shelving which was obscuring the window in the downstairs workshop/coach house. I cleaned the window and inside and out of the ground floor windows looking into the garden, I also cleaned the double doors to the garden and the bathroom windows and for a change dug out a little more patio. Please see pictures added today.

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