Stripping Out

Boiler suits and dust masks at the ready today as Jamie and Scott took down the old ceiling and stud wall panels in the main reception area, opening out the space and removing the old carpet along with 40 years of dust.

Mark returned and removed the old dead trees and a couple of the Mummy Sycamore’s naughty offspring – I really like Trees but a bit of variety would be better – thinking about planting damson  at the bottom of the garden. I have kept lots of logs the best put to one side to season for carving and the rest to make a home for insects and small creatures which I hope to build for them tomorrow.

Mum and Dad worked hard too – Dad was top nail remover and took on an apprentice Louise they soon took out all the nails from three window frames that had been used as shelf supports in the store room behind the office (now designated main reception). Mum helped measure windows for replacement glass and doors for replacement doors Mum and I also worked on revealing more of the patio.

Dad supplied lunch and Mum made tea & coffee  – everyone worked hard moving things, sweeping up, filling the trailer and cheering each other on – what a productive day. Photo’s of the reception to look at today will photograph the garden tomorrow when we have done some more.

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