Hot Saturday

After a trip to the tip with the trailer we were working in the shade down the end of the garden fighting our way to the back wall through yet more Ivy and dead Alder. Once we cleared the space we stacked the woodworm riddled wood logs from the dead trees in the corner for a home for the mini – beasts.

Raking up the dead leaves and debris we filled a dumpy bag with the smaller bits. We found a metal girder, welsh roofing slates and quite a lot of traditional Bridgwater red roofing tiles so will be able to fix the broken roof tiles.  It was very hot even in the shade for such physical work.

The roofer Billy started on site today fixing up shiny new black guttering around the reception building and inspecting the timbers that we exposed yesterday. In the afternoon Will came to have a look at the brick work that needs doing,

I didn’t tell you about the old holiday postcards from the office yesterday – blue postcards that have faded to blue and old business cards rescued will put the best ones in clip frames possibly due to content display in the loo – but worried that may cause a queue!   

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