Undercover work & Porch in the sky

Electricians lighting up the undercover yard was exciting, seeing the re-use of the old doors hung to temporarily close off the long gallery as fixing that 100m long roof is in with the Sculpture garden as phase two of the gallery project, Phase one draws to a close too, the opening now so few precious weeks away.

Work on the undercover yard started with the removal of the old ceiling clearing out 40 years of sawdust removing countless nails, endless sweeping and finding homes for things including the trailer – it’s found a home beyond the triple doors in its own garage space. Garden tools banished to the garden shed, tools and materials found new homes, just a little more and some more sweeping and a white wire tidy and its complete – focus then on the old loo with its splendid baby changing table and ceiling for porch.

Some work also nearing completion on the flat roof and upstairs porch the re-use of some old unwanted PVC windows look charming compared to corrugated clear plastic they replace. The front of the old coach house pointed and painted. First Aid corner set up in gallery, peddle bins, visitor book, payments system.

Please see more pictures in the picture gallery.

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