Heartfelt Platinum Jubilee & Exhibition

After the Storms and the start of the Ukraine invasion it was a very quiet time for the gallery. The long awaited answer about the grant for phase 2 Long gallery and Sculpture garden was not successful a disappointment and will delay progress considerably as will rising costs – the same boat as everyone else.

I have had to pull the gallery out of full participation in the Quayside festival due to unexpected personal heart problem – fixed with a platinum stent I have to take it easy for a few weeks. So this also is a slow down to progress but although new things are delayed plans already in progress are developing and coming to fruition a pleasure to see.

The sunshine and warmth are back and the suntrap beach seating area is again adorned with its sunshades, visitor numbers are increasing and local artist Louise Prior has set up her first exhibition which is a great success. I have collected the leaflets about our program of exhibitions for the coming year and will be distributing them this week.

The Queens Platinum Jubilee is upon us and the bunting and decorations go up this week. The hum of talking visitors is like foraging bees busy harvesting summer blooms.

Photos to follow

One comment

  1. Hi Bridget. Hope you feeling well after your op. Get well soon. Hope summer holds lots of interest in your wonderful gallery


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