War after the storms – needed Peace

The first Storm blew the gallery drive gates off and ripped the letters of the Gallery Open banner, The second stripped the cutout sticky-back letters off the other banner and then storm 3 wrenched tiles of the roof and damaged the triple doors! Just too windy, well given up on banners for the while and we have the tiles back on the roof a little more TLC and the gates and gable end will be better than ever.

Which is more than I can say for our planet climate crisis and the massive blow caused by years of Covid you would think that was enough but no – apparently we need a war to keep us from getting on with looking after the world.

In addition to running repairs to the gallery some paint has made it onto the walls upstairs in St. Saviours studio brightening up the space and some fetching brackets have been attached to the side of the gallery to hang some of our local turner Gerry’s work. Waiting on some better weather to get on with landscaping the sculpture garden. Planning a big tidy up in the Oxman and Walker workshop (downstairs coach house) so that can become part of the undercover yard Art Experience space, sessions will start as soon as the weather is warmer.

Eagerly awaiting the spring thinking about the lovely times on the beach drive suntrap with the umbrellas, popup tables, coffee with friends and ice-cream in the sunshine.

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