New Year, New Signs & Romance

Lighter longer days and the new signs have arrived. Mounted on the side of the building. Kept the wolf from the door by displaying him in the window, he showed us the way into the New year we are now working on our valentines window putting romance & love out into the world..

Thoughts are focused on the development of the Round Bridgwater app and my solo exhibition but there is also the planning for forthcoming exhibitions and for the Art experience days/evenings workshops – time spent invoking the unconscious mind, dreams, marks, textures and colour with materials, randomness with exploration of the human traits of organisation and recognition. Looking for inspiration and beauty in the commonplace. Creating artistic expression with the essence of yourself, your mistakes your decisions as well. Events to open eyes, have fun and explore processes.

It’s a bit chilly outside for now but very busy and warm inside – I do hope you all had a good New year and are now planning, looking forward to the spring, looking at a visit to Bridgy gallery we would love to see you.

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