New wood floor – Old wood Lintel

Exciting day today as the structure for the floor has been built for the disabled toilet area in the back of the garage, discussions about the ceiling and walls also little kitchenette area for making tea. while looking at the old blocked up doorway at the back of the garage proposed site of the kettle /tea making area Will noticed that the old timber door frame is past its best, very loose and the brick work above the door lintel looking very dodgy and unsupported.

Recommending a new concrete lintel and some remedial brickwork Will has a plan to make good this structural issue and advised that storage space could be created above the toilet ceiling.

The post box is working well collecting letters one of which was notification of CCTV camera to be installed in the street outside the Gallery which I believe is a good development for the security of the area..

I will take some pictures tomorrow and post for you to see the progress.

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