Black to silver – tails on stage

Today I fitted 2″ thick silver covered insulation into the dry walls covering the black bitumen painted old brick walls, while our electrician took out the old wires and added more tails to reception, putting in new wires for the lights, sockets and switches. Power restored we were able to listen to music and have a fire on while we worked this afternoon – no ceiling yet so heat easily escaped into the rafters but it was nice – even if not really hot it shed a warm glow into the room – yes its really looking like a room now the untidy old wires have gone replaced by nice neat out of view new wiring. The flow of the floor into the back of the garage a joy to behold – it looks like a stage on which at the weekend Will plans to put up the bathroom walls – can’t wait 🙂

The next phase involves more insulation, remedial work on the lintel over the blocked up doorway will follow then work on the tea/coffee station and fitting out the disabled toilet and installing its sliding door, door adjustments ceilings and floor covering.

Fittings for lights, switches and sockets have arrived – lovely shiny black and chrome. I have also ordered the chrome pipe, corners, ends and brackets for a rail from which the artwork will be suspended, inspired by a visit to Eastnor castle on Sunday!

50th post and countdown clock has clicked down to 11 months to go! More electrics, more plumbing, more building and render to the front entrance with good weather needed before decoration can begin in earnest outside. Good news however it is getting lighter for longer every day now.

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