Light work, Scaffold & Repair

Now that the roof over the old building has been repaired I have started planning and building the wall to separate the kitchen from the workshop, designing it to look like a stable divider, high at the stairs end and swooping down to worktop height glazed at the top, wood paneled at the bottom with a door so that you can go from the kitchen up the stairs to the painting studio. The window section will allow light into the workshop as does the stair well.

The scaffold has been erected to enable main roof repair – over the next few weeks the tiles will be removed and the wooden pent roof structure repaired, straightened, felted, battened and re-tiled. taking out the glass window tiles and putting in a big fixed roof window to put light right into the heart of the painting studio. The reclaimed glass tiles will be used alongside the donated windows to bring light to the long gallery. The new fascia to the front of the old building is white and can be seen in the scaffold pictures uploaded today.

Eve and Cameron visited to see how things are going it is a bit messy currently but Eve kindly stayed to help use up the grout left over from re-fixing the top bricks in the Oxman & Walker Studio we pointed and filled and then had to look for bigger gaps to fill to use it all up – we found some whoppers under the old stairs.


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