Roof off Roof on

Well the last few days have been very busy for Will, joined by Roy to take off the Bridgwater tiles and ridge tiles replace the old wood battens for new felt and replace the tiles swapping out damaged and broken ones for the whole ones from the end of the garden. Sods law was working well as usual and as soon as the tiles were off down came the rain, just a heavy shower, things got a bit wet but it served to keep the dust down a bit. So today the weather should be a little more kind and Will expects to cement the ridge back in place and work on the valleys between the old building and next doors roof. The painting studio is currently a building site and the stairs are situated under all this activity also as the ceilings are off down stairs and the repairs to the floorboards not yet completed the dust is still falling through the cracks.

Progress on the front single story reception area is on pause as the focus quite rightly has turned to securing the building before winter. The new frontage with the wide access low threshold door and window are not due to be fitted until November. Once the work has been completed on the main roof and we know what timber we have left we will be strengthening and tidying and adding battens in the reception area prior to the insulation and cladding nice indoor work for the winter months. No photos today as all the activity is happening above my head! I need a drone, a satellite or a low flying plane – no all too costly, all funds needed for the building work – ah ha I shall ask Will to take some pictures – watch this space!

Stuart on his first visit cast a professional eye over the fire equipment, fire risks , escape routes and building in general. Overall thought it would definitely keep me busy and has lots of potential.

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