Rainbows and Roofing

Will decided to get an early start on repairing the oldest roof, so today the inside of the ridge roof has had its tiles removed its battens swapped for new timber & felt and the tiles replaced, tomorrow he is planning to repair/rebuild the gully between the two roofs. Its a big job with five Bridgwater tile faces and two big gullies running front to back as it is a ridge roof next to a pent roof. He is also going to sort out the old and rotting wood fascias to the front and back of the old coach house building.

It was a shower with the sun out that produced the lovely rainbow over the Gallery this evening – so a monkey’s birthday then! Will did not say he had found a pot of gold but he had taken off the top of the chimney of the old Eagle coke burner which stood tall above the roof like a flag pole. the pipe structure was incredibly heavy as it was made of cast iron, Will has left the burner and the chimney up to the inside of the roof as requested. I plan to wax polish it and admire it as an art object, a curio from the past, a bit of history. It has not been used for many a year and modern sensibilities would not entertain such a naked flame device in the mostly wooden workshop these days .

The newspaper seems to be a builders gazette with lots of adverts (well some things don’t change then!) Water towers, shutters, glass paper, stains, engines, stoves, glass, wood, tubular bells etc all from 1910 see photos. A few more nails out of the beams downstairs a tidy up then time to head home.

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