Chasing Butterflies, last lathe & dirty plaster dancing.

Both Chris and I spent a little time chasing a Red Admiral butterfly from the building worrying that it would not survive the falling dust and numerous spider webs not sure if it was the same red admiral or not but if so it was a really magnificent specimen so black with its wings closed and a deep red when open.

Chris at his destructive best brought down the old lathe covering in the oldest roof on the building upstairs in the painting studio and over the new stair well in preparation for Will’s timber repairs the removal and re-tiling with lining to ensure no more leaks.

Currently following the torrential rain and many very soggy days there are numerous wet patches from holes/brakes in the tiles. The wooden structure now exposed after taking down the soft board ceiling is looking like it needs some urgent TLC this is the focus now for the next few weeks for Will and Chris. My planning for the stairs and window frame balustrade will need to go on hold for a bit while the roofing site takes over. I am looking at the front entrance design and accessibility. I try and clear a beam a day from nails so 2nd beam in the Oxman & Walker workshop done today, also finalized design for the front entrance and ordered. I also bought a belt sander.

Will arrived with a load of new timber and set about improving the roof structural woodwork putting in braces where needed. Chis assisted and filled the empty truck with the results of his hard work removing the old lathe and plaster. Scott popped in to see the progress made since his sterling work taking down the ceiling in the front reception, he admired the stairs and the progress in the garden.

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