St. Saviour’s House’s Coach house & Stables

No more leaking in the bathroom, well not from the roof! Thanks Will for beating the arrival of the next lot of heavy rain and very successfully fixing the hole in the gully. The full skip was taken away this morning thank you Kevin from Roberts great job. Showed Pauline around today, she had not seen the building before and Ged arrived who said that the building has had more attention in the last few weeks than it has seen since the newspaper was added in Dec 1910!

Today a lovely lady from our civic society who is taking a great interest in the preservation of this old building popped in as she has found out at the museum that the big house that this old coach house and stables belonged to was called St. Saviour’s House believed to have been demolished in the late 50’s to make way for the Broadway constructed in 1960’s. The museum is looking for a map from the early 1800’s to see how it all looked before the Victorian terracing on Old Taunton Road was built c 1890. Fascinating I love the history and finding out about the place and old Bridgwater. Have I told you that apparently the old Victorian rain run off drain is so big under Old Taunton Road you can walk down it!

Talking about rain, It rained a lot today and there’s more forecast for tomorrow, work will start in earnest again on Monday – I did sweep up a bit and fill some more holes in the wall around the stair area also made a small start on taking out the nails/tacks that held the ceiling boards up in the coach house, fiddly work and overhead on a step ladder – may take a while, have to do it in small doses. The bricks that have been exposed in the kitchen area of the coach house behind the work benches are painted a bright turquoise a suggestion of a colour scheme for the kitchen then 🙂 this old building is so charming, its like a conversation.

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