Old news – What the papers said

Above the kitchen area in the coach house downstairs the floorboards between the joists were papered with newspaper dated 24th December 1910 – possibly done to stop dust from upstairs workshop falling into the downstairs areas. I will try and piece some of it together to see what they say. I love the little cross braces between the joists like kisses – I think the building likes the stair well and is feeling a little more airy and less clogged up with dust.

The skip is full and will be collected on Friday, expecting drawings for the front entrance to include wide door and low threshold for access, once that’s in work can begin on the insulation and wall / ceiling covering in reception area.

Stairs are getting there just the rail upstairs and the finishing – all the little details – that bit is down to me I need a little more timber to get the job done. Will and Chris are moving on to remedial roof work – now we can see whats going on having taken down the ceiling panels. we have also tracked down the leak in the bathroom, one of the roof gullies seal is broken the water is not reaching the down pipe so its poring rain into the building ending up in the bathroom almost reaching the toilet bowl during the last downpour – first time I have needed an umbrella in the loo!

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