Tops n Tails

Some more progress in the reception building, walls, insulation and Reg has put in the new plumbing for the radiators – three going into reception area and another radiator planned for the new toilet area at the back of the garage, looking to create a really cosy space for customers and the person manning the gallery. Will calls the work tails as little pipes and wires poke out of the wall surface waiting for the final installation of sockets and radiators. Tops – the hardwood shelf/display area over the hardwood letter box (former 1st aid box) have been installed – still to create the surround around the gas meter under the display shelf at the far end of the window. Planning a cupboard door over the alarm box and another display windowsill at the end of reception.

I unfortunately have been suffering from the dreaded lurgy, nasty cough accompanies really not feeling well miserable time – definitely a stay in bed under the duvet if you can illness.

I have taken a few photos of reception while visiting the nearby supermarket for some essential supplies and I have organised a visit on Tuesday from the electrician so we can have some more tails also ordered the ceiling light fittings an led spotlight system 6 on each light so they can be adjusted to show off the artwork I plan to display on the walls.

Plasterboard papered with printed book pages should give an interesting overall grey look to the walls a neutral but interesting backdrop to colourful paintings and interesting sculptures and is another example of ‘re-use is better than re-cycle’. I do not want the space to take center stage rather it should show off the artwork on display effortlessly – wish me luck.

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