Sunshine after the Rain

Well that was a lot of rain, some of it ended up in buckets at Bridgy Gallery! The planned main roof repairs were given a rain check until next weekend following the yellow warnings about the quantity of rain and wind in the Bristol channel region. Sunday however dawned fresh and Sunny – Will went up on the roof and fiberglassed the valleys so things are beginning to dry out.

Mum and Dad came up for a visit checking out the progress in person, bringing gifts of a dustpan & brush and a bucket – very welcome and the bathroom following its very own Water interloo- ed got a brush up and a clean and a bit of planning. The idea currently is to enclose the toilet with a door across the smallest end of the triangle room making it a cubical and move the sink further down the wall with a nice surround and install baby changing facilities in the widest part near the window/door. The decoration is black & white book page wallpaper with a dado level colourful print boarder, British racing green floor with white ceiling, white basin & loo.

Leaving the gallery to dry out in its own time we spent some time in the lovely sunshine in my garden at home trimming shrubs, filling the green bin for Monday collection.

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