Review – progress

Well just over two months in, the countdown has clicked on to 14 months to go – I thought it would be a good time to recap on the progress so far and what has been discovered and changed. Well the most major change has been to the order of things I had hoped that the main roof would be phase two or three but the state of the main roof has left little choice but to advance the work to phase one. The second big change since taking on the project has been the garden, a series of opinions, thoughts, discoveries, facts, the weather and pressing needs have informed and taken over the agenda starting with lots more work and great progress in the garden as the weather was good the Ivy was in need of control, the boiler shed having removed the asbestos covering needed a total rebuild as the frame was rotten. The tree growing too close to the building had to go as did the dead trees that originally looked alive and green because of the sheer quantity of Ivy. The bottom of the garden could not be left as it had a large quantity of roof tile piles which were collapsing and the corner needed clearing/rescuing so that there is access so that builders can fix the broken corner of the wall.

The next big step was taking down the ceilings exposing the structure, clearing out lots of sawdust, old beyond repair lathe and plaster exposing the bones of the building and letting it breathe. The installation of the indoor staircase and repair of the guttering around the single story building, taking down office partition wall, repairing the hole in the wall to a door way and moving the partition door into the new doorway.

Discoveries include, its a coach house and stables that belonged to St. Saviors House demolished I think to build the main road in the early sixty’s. The center of the building is older than I originally thought exactly how old is a discovery yet to be made, the conversion to an extended workshop probably done in late 1910. The wooden ladders for the spire of St. Mary’s kept all down the wall of the long gallery. Twisty bottles, old bath tubs, old window frames, hand made lead warship, lizard, loose change, spare metal girder, patio, turquoise walls, slates, tiles and ridge tiles to name a few.

It’s been a fast paced roller-coaster ride it seems a lot can be done in two months with good help and great friends, which in reality is just the beginning. I am looking forward to the conclusion of the roof work and a safe, dry building to take into the next stage – a few months of steadily building things back up, decorating and transformation into its future form.

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