Bright Sparks Carnival Goes on

Well always exciting Bridgwater’s Carnival weekend was made even more dramatic by the weather forecast and the removal of the main roof tiles from the painting studio roof, strengthening wood beams added, new battens & liner in place, then on Sunday the sun came out and the tiles went back on – some finishing up on the ridges, valleys and guttering but the main on off work completed.

Carnival was fantastic no hold ups and the Squibbing this year extending to 177 squibbers almost extending as far as the eye could see in both directions from where we were watching- unbelievably dramatic spectacle. Also dramatic was the light with the roof completely off. Some replacement tiles needed (fortunately Bridgy Gallery has a few to spare) including to replace the glass tiles – the plan to cut in a modern skylight window and re-locate the glass tiles to the long gallery roof. After cleaning the glass tiles I made a start on undercoating on the workshop wall, first new paint! see new November photo’s.

Another find from on top of the wall in the Oxman & Walker workshop a small hand made lead ship a destroyer I think maybe world war two – not sure I am not an expert maybe you can tell.

Talking of history last night I did some more internet research on St Saviour’s House discovering that it was a regency gothic style structure built 1820 ish and named after St. Saviour’s Chapel which was a Medieval site situated off the Old Taunton Road where the river is closest – this describes almost exactly where my original studio was on the Old Taunton Rd Industrial Estate which is now a taller housing estate – just amazing, equally amazing is that part of the St Saviour’s house still exists at Blake hall. I plan a visit and will take pictures if at all possible.

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