Time to Cosy up – winter begins

Well the clocks have changed it’s dark down the gallery from quite early now, things have slowed down in the garden as have the leaks, unfortunately I have a cold and have lost my voice but it’s full steam ahead at the gallery with Will and his helpers they had a good tidy up and are finishing the roof concreting on the ridges putting the new white fascia and guttering round this weekend. I know it is a major job but it’s not such a big change to look at, the only thing that will really show / look different is the new white guttering – icing on the cake but it is so great already, to be in a stable dry space knowing that it is all good for years to come. feels different, stronger, feels good, feels like that is what I was here to achieve.

The exciting next big change on the horizon is the frontage update with it’s wider front door for access and new window grows ever closer, Eve popped in to help move things about in preparation for this, she found the big butterfly hibernating in the Oxman & Walker workshop rafters must have sneaked back in when we were not looking. Eve and I think that a good name for the painting studio upstairs could be St. Saviour’s studio after the house and the old medieval chapel.

Looking forward to being well and able to push things on for the next phase which should see the focus return to reception. First job after the front is finished is the walls they need battening, insulation, cladding, then a ceiling installed with insulation in the loft space to create a cosy, clean reception space which can then be re-wired and the central heating put back. I am so looking forward to working on the solid hardwood letter catching box (this is the old first aid box found in the upstairs studio by the door, it was screwed shut and contained bandages from the 1970’s!) and creating a new cupboard over the gas meter while at the same time creating a display space for the window above it with storage below.

I must mention the lovely big old wooden desk (left at my request) used by the retiring business owner for some 40 years I believe, it will be a big feature in the new reception space probably sitting more or less where it always has, I am thinking about applying a marble finish as I have done some lovely looking marble paint finishes in the past. All so easy to write about I am eager to start but it is going to take many hours of hard work, style choices and decisions on materials, fortunately the timing is good as it’s all indoor jobs so can carry on regardless of our winter weather.

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