Once broken now on the mend

While I am still incapacitated and somewhat voiceless I can, thank goodness still type – The Gallery continues to set its own agenda permission has been granted by insurance loss adjuster for Will to start repairs to the wall, this is the broken corner of the garden wall that was backed into by a lorry on the forecourt of the petrol station a year ago resulting in the end of the wall parting company with the side wall causing the wooden supports of the porch roof to fail causing tile roof to collapse.

Will and his team have taken down and rebuilt the corner and rebuilt the porch/shelter at the end of the long gallery, just a little finishing off to do, looks great already – rained off today, should be finished tomorrow weather permitting. See pics.

The other area that Will has got on with in my absence is the brick issue the building had above the old stairway the course of bricks above the large wood lintel over the stairwell were leaning out at an extreme angle and the wood lintel above this brickwork was completely shot no longer supporting the roof properly and looking like gravity would win out soon. Will has taken out the bricks before they fell out on their own and made a great job of fixing the wood work protecting the big wooden beam and making good the brickwork. I have been thinking about the top of the old stairs one of my original ideas was to put a porch over the door and top of the stairs to keep out the weather but retain the access to the roof, I am thinking I may need to go back to this idea.

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