Getting Better & Better

I am recovering from a nasty virus, I now have a ‘limited use’ voice doctors orders I have to rest & keep warm, thank goodness for texting & emails long winded but very helpful when you can’t have a quick chat, good communication is just so important on a project like this.

The gallery is coming on in leaps and bounds thanks to Will’s enthusiasm & organisation, the end of the garden lorry damaged corner wall and unfortunately collapsed shelter have been repaired/rebuilt. Looking very smart in a white rendered finish with a black boarder at the bottom. The scaffolding has been adjusted to enable removal of old render on the party wall work starts this week to remove, fix and re-render, another major step forward for the Gallery please see photos.

You can see from the photos the new white guttering on the front of the main roof this extends down the side now a much better solution than the old gully left over from when there was an adjoining building.

Will and I have been considering the porch over the top of the old stairs – unusual to have a porch on the first floor – but I think you may have got the idea that this is a very quirky building which I am trying to retain as much as possible it would be nice however to add my own twist here and there. This area is crying out for protection as the weather impacts quite severely here making it one of the weakest areas in the building, the stairs get wet as they are almost outside situated between the coach house and reception building, the water runs over the end of the flat roof in-front of the toilet door not at all a good state of affairs.

So looking forward to being well again my fingers are itching to get back to hands on, next on my list pointing walls, insulating walls, porch wall, partition wall, painting walls – well that’s a load of wall.

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