Hollow wall surprise

Will was taking out the front window and door in preparation for the new door, he had to cut back the wall under the window to make it wide enough for the new wider low threshold door what we thought was a concrete lintel and single brick wall turned into a rotten wooden lintel with a hollow brick wall – the bricks were more like a double terracotta vase, like something that the Romans could have used as part of an underfloor heating system – the wall was so flimsy it just fell apart, it’s a wonder that it had supported the heavy metal window at all.

So another weakness exposed, although I have to say the surveyor John was unhappy about it from the beginning when he inspected the property. So an adjustment to new practical frontage is now a total re-build. The old 7’7″ door is having a lie down minus the black metal letterbox , the metal window is on its way to the long gallery, the fragile hollow brick wall replaced by a new sturdy wall just waiting now for the new wide access low threshold door and new double glazed window to be fitted. The letter box hole is now in the wall and will be fitted with the metal letterbox on the outside once rendered and the lovely old wooden first aid box adapted to catch the letters on the inside. Will has rebuilt the wall with letterbox hole and sorted out a new lintel, all in time for the window and door fitting on Friday. Many thanks Will great job.

Working at the front and highly visible scaffolding invites questions from passers by so I felt it was time to take off the Oxman & Walker signs from the gates and start talking Gallery even if the opening and gallery insignia are still more than a year away. I plan to re-home/display the metal signs in the Oxman and Walker workshop.

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