Friday Frontage, Porch Saturday

Well reception has a new wide door low threshold secure door and lovely secure window with the best quality toughened security glass fitted by the lads from Everest into the rebuilt appature created by Will – he meanwhile has concentrated on the new porch for the top of the stairs. Please see latest pictures.

The old crital metal window has been taken down to the long gallery its new home waiting its fitting, also the very tall original door not sure where this will be fitted yet but would like to incorporate it if at all possible – it may have to shrink its 7’7″ height as bottom is rotten – years of exposure – but this will no doubt only make it a normal door height.

Next reception jobs are completion of render and tarmac & fitting original black metal letterbox on the outside and wooden letter catcher box on the inside alongside insulation and plasterboard and cupboard to house gas meter & for storage also window display above it.

On Saturday Will set about building the porch at the top of the old stairs just a few finishing details left to do as you can see from the photos. Re-using two of the bay window units from my house saved from the replacement window job there one of which was a fire escape window so that we retain access to the roof.

I am a lot better now with a voice that mostly lasts a day so back to work tomorrow I can’t wait to be well enough to push things on myself now.

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