Far from pointless

So glad to report that the get well flowers have worked their magic and I am back to work! As you can see from the photos there is lots of pointing and rendering going on, it is satisfying to be able to get back to the building and continue the repair work. The front facade is coming along now the big door a positive pleasure. I did some pointing on the wall facing the garage prior to painting it is going to look so smart, I also started to point the side of reception building. It is time consuming and we are lucky to have a break in the weather to be able to work outside although it was a little chilly. Expecting rendering to be completed this week on the party wall – the old loose stuff has been removed and the mesh attached in preparation once this has been completed the scaffolding will be removed – progress indeed.

I have researched fire tested and chosen the ceiling material for reception and toilet, just have to double check measurements before ordering the light weight white ash finish panels and loft insulation, also need to order the plasterboard for the walls.

I found a reference to St Saviours Chapel built in 1530’s by a merchant William Pole it was a guild chapel possibly a wool merchant and maybe a knight from Shute in Devon also a quote from a visit by John Leland to Bridgwater in medieval times ” Entering into Bridgwater I passid by a chapelle of S Salvior standing o the ripe of the haven.”

I have also found that Bridgwater was called Brugie 900 years ago in Saxon times with a grand total of 30 houses and a chapel where St.Mary’s church is now!

Deadline for reception to be habitable is February – so full steam ahead – indoor work for Dec/Jan. Tis the season to be jolly so here’s to battening up, insulation paneling and getting plastered in the new year!

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