Tarmac & Scratch

The weather has warmed a little with not so much rain so things have been able to progress the scratch coat has a last been applied to the party wall. Will has patched up the tarmac and completed the upstairs porch.

The days are so short it is dark before you know it – I will take pictures tomorrow during daylight to illustrate the progress. I have ordered the ceiling material which should arrive on Tuesday. I have in addition completed more pointing and hole repairs also been working on the lovely wooden box marking out the hole to cut out for the post to drop into, finding the fixing brackets and feeding the wood it is coming on beautifully.

The window next to the door upstairs is a non working sash window with broken panes, I had originally intended to replace the broken glass, strip and re-paint the woodwork but it has become apparent that it represents a security risk as the flat roof can be accessed from next doors garden and the building could be broken into from there and on closer inspection the wood around the window is in a poor state of repair with many gaps some I can see daylight through. I have taken the view that it would be better to replace this window with a double glazed unit that I have been given, this will greatly improve the security of the building an improvement I cannot ignore.

I am considering a wildflower garden may flourish on the flat roof not covered by the porch.

December photos loaded.

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