Storming it – swap a window evening!

It may seem like a crazy time to swap an old broken sash window for a double glazed secure opening window it had been squally all day with heavy downpours and gales but I have to say it went extremely well, the old window nearly fell out on its own, it needed very little persuasion indeed Will was speculating just how it had not already fallen out on its own!

The mechanism was barely there just a big weight & some small metal work, no sign of a cord at all and the thinner wood just crumbled. Compared to the double glazed unit the old window seamed big but very light and insubstantial, as I listened on the phone to my Son’s journey home, wind, umbrella inside out, the bridge closed, oh and the umbrella is inside out again, more wind and rain he was battling his way home as the replacement window was lifted into place it went in very well as you will see from the photographs. The outside window aperture is smaller than the space on the inside so Will has added a wooden frame. It maybe that we add a window sill and a little white trim on the inside and once the trim is completed on the outside I will get a good photo of the window next to the upstairs porch. I think it will look great and I am delighted with the secure well secured opening window which can open a bit at the bottom for ventilation not big enough to climb through or it can open big and wide as you can see.

One big step forward but sometimes it feels like two steps backwards – still have a few water issues to sort out – the fixed roof and new shinny guttering take the water very quickly from the large surface roof areas and concentrate it into three main areas on the ground floor we are quickly realizing that improvements are needed to cope with the vast quantity of water! Heavy downpours lately have exposed incomplete or inadequate water management. One hopper had got blocked filled with builders detritus off the tiles and was a waterfall in dramatic fashion, while a river of water gushed out from under the stairs as the the old pipe work was not coping with the quantity of water and the down pipe from the back of the building came adrift at the start of the long gallery poring water in, buckets filled in seconds and big buckets to heavy to move – some bailing later and a ladder to clear the hopper and the rain stopping helped, Will fixed a better temporary end to the back down pipe and plans to come and do some more permanent fixing at the weekend. Maybe soon it will stop raining for a bit and let us complete the work.

Ceiling panel deliveries, Christmas shopping mixed with light bulb buying for the work light and jigsawing the letterbox and yet more filling/pointing – yes I still have a lot of that left to do and my next job is to paint the reception walls with a waterproofing paint.

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