Black days with dark varnish & bitumen

Work rate has slowed down dramatically unlike the water – less daylight, bad weather, rain and more rain also distractions including Christmas shopping, parties, preparations and unfortunately Will has caught the dreaded lurgy. I have started the work on the gates under where the old signs were hung, the wood needed varnish to protect it so I have applied the first coat, now I am waiting for the next window in the rain to apply coat two. Rain has stopped play outside – no top coat render has been applied on the scratch coat so the scaffolding remains on the building and pointing has had to stop too – some of the last outside pointing I did has been partly washed out!

Still struggling with the rain water on the flat roof having improved the water penetration with fiberglass it seems we have created a shallow swimming pool – more work to do on water management and a really creative drainage solution still required. The side door to the reception is sticking badly and I can only unlock it from the inside so having to use the new front door to enter the building, surprised by the amount of water running down the drive from the pavement outside the gates but happy it freely finds its way into the drain. Time to go with the flow me thinks.

Chased inside by the cold wet weather and lack of light I have started the black bituminous painting in the reception building it is very slow going but will waterproof the inside of the old brick work and ensure that the dry walling will remain that way, before we install the insulation, plaster board and final finish to the walls. I have to say it reminds me a lot of painting the light weight fire retardant coal heap that I made for the London Dungeon some years ago, when white holes just kept appearing as the black paint shrank as it dried and it seems ironic that I am creating a black room in the near dark!

Roll on the shortest day so that things will start to go the other way and every day it will get lighter longer and eventually warmer.

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