bye bye 2019 what a WATERshed year.

Well the year draws to a close described by our Queen as bumpy, well in my life those bumps were of mountainous proportion and as years go rates as one of the most volatile/watershed of a year for me.

It started right enough one partial eclipse in January then a Super Blood Wolf Moon on my Kevin’s birthday – turns out that may have been a bad omen for him. A sprinkling of Snow as is traditional in February and our annual Birthday reviews at the docs. Kevin passed with flying colours and we both did really well at the opticians no changes but my Kevin did not even make it to the end of March. Death is so busy – Kevin always said let the dead bury the dead but I don’t think he really appreciated just how much there is to do when your partner gets the call and has to leave without notice.

I was not sure the direction of my life, but it did become clear how much Bridgwater has become the place I belong, I got back to work and with my Sister-in-law Sue’s help completed unfinished projects at home and looked forward to my unusual holiday with my Son Morgan planned since 2018 – a stay in a Ti-pi at Download to see my long term favorite band Whitesnake we were of course right at the front and had a fantastic time – I may have joined a select group of Mum’s to have their Son complete on his first home purchase while at a rock festival.

We picked up the keys and headed off to Morgan’s new pad – helped decorate, swapped, bought and moved things a busy June – it was before Download that I had noticed the old woodworking building was up for sale – too early my head said but my heart said look closer so I negotiated with the sellers through the estate agents and arranged a survey and completed the purchase on the 12th August, I felt the building needed me and I needed it – so I was not overly surprised to find that it was older than I thought and had been the coach house & stables for St. Saviours house, named after the medieval chapel situated at the site of my first studio space on Old Taunton road – The summer was lovely down at the Gallery and much progress was made.

Nephew Sam’s Kent wedding, nephew David’s baby Gemma Grace’s arrival and then my Son’s engagement. Work started on the gallery roof – Sod made his presence known and it started raining, raining and raining some more, it let up for a few hours for the Carnival and the squibbing then back to the rain. I caught a nasty bug and lost my voice then my Builder Will went down with it as did many people in Bridgwater and surrounding towns. Work at the gallery slowed to a crawl and it was a waste of time even if you did brave the elements – new pointing was immediately washed out and really not suitable for the application of render or varnishing the gates – the damp has caused the varnish to go milky just causing more work for later.

Still never mind we have passed the shortest day now and we have had Christmas to warm us and distract us pleasantly and the rain has even let up for a few hours – I had a similar Christmas present as the Prime Minister also new leather boots, jacket and phone these with my old friends, family and Bridgy Gallery to enjoy it all with – so I feel fortunate ready for what 2020 has in store.

I wish you a Healthy 2020 full of plenty of what you need. Cheers!

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