Of Mice & Men

I saw a little grey/brown mouse running around in the garden – the builders gone home, it was taking a look around like me, no doubt the mouse was hoping there were some lunch crumbs.

I am so happy that the transformation continues it is a ray of light in the darkness of my isolation, illness and extended shielding due to my chronic vulnerability to covid. (Thank you Scott for all the shopping blimey it will soon be a year!) In better days many of these tasks would have been my pleasure to do or even better a social activity with my friends & family like in the (almost dream like) days of a pre-covid 19 world, all I can do now is visit, appreciate the work done, photograph and talk about it here on the blog sharing a small ray of progress, keeping in touch and looking forward to a vaccination while creating my way out of a crisis.

The knocked down wall has been checked over and the second panel although not knocked to the ground is damaged beyond repair so was taken down and new breezeblock wall and support pillars are beginning to take shape under Jack’s skilled hands.

Skip has arrived to clear the rubble and accumulated rubbish from site.

Will has replaced tarmac and covered over the drain pipe under the stairs and with Chris has installed the new window-door upstairs in St. Saviours studio increasing the available light even on a dull January day. Chris gave the upside-down boat a coat of fire-retardant glaze and Richard from Three Ways fire gave the gallery & studio fire extinguishers their annual service check. Reception has sprouted its chrome rail and fixings for hanging the paintings.

The slates are being cut in half length ways to make the skirting for reception, the doorway between garage and reception has been tidied up also the garage windowsill edge has been painted black. Looking forward to my next visit, seeing the changes and sharing them with you.

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