Art is Not Dead – Letting in the light

Please see Kayleigh Miller’s latest Lino cut prints fabulous original work, she is looking at all art forms with poignant theme ‘Art is Not Dead’. Bridgy Gallery is displaying two of these works in the window art forms painting on left and writing on the right, two of my personal favorite activities.

You can see and buy her work at

I hope you have had a chance to look at my tribute to essential workers page.

The work continues in Reception, the garage gallery, disabled loo with laying the vinyl, cutting and applying the slate skirting, The skip has helped with a tidy up and the broken wall is restored but not white just yet. Upstairs in St. Saviours studio the newly installed secondhand doors (re-use is better than recycle) are letting the light in and the setting sun was highlighting the ships over the stairs in a shaft of gold. My plan is to display some interesting objects for drawing subjects around the studio – already have the eagle burner, ships and an old mangle.

January photo’s of the progress have been updated…..take a look

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