Inaugural Gates – Power of St. Saviours

Old gates transformed with skilled welder Brett and some unwanted metal yet again demonstrates re-use is better than re-cycle especially under the hands of an artist/craftsman I think you will agree a splendid pair and a job well done.

Today Kurtis our electrician finished off most of the electrical work to completed phase one in reception with some sockets and a carbon dioxide detector installed also a smoke detector in the garage gallery, he then moved on to install a second light in the old bathroom to light not only the loo, and sink area but also over the baby changing area. The plans for the baby changing area are coming along, excitingly I have been donated an art-nouveau tiled wood panel with beautiful flower design tiles and a marble top from a wash stand.

Upstairs in St. Saviours studio he moved the double socket cut off from use unless you were really tall as it was over the stairwell. Now it’s accessible, next to the door and he set up two other sockets in handy positions including one by the loading bay doors to plug in the outside led sign when it’s made.

Please see more in photos January 2021

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