Hang it – If the door fits – a Painting first

Please see January photos showing the new light weight door hanging in the doorway to the disabled loo – thanks to Will and Jack. The door frame is almost complete just one more bit of frame on the front inside so that the door will lock then Brett can prepare it for its gloss white top coat. The slate skirting now goes all the way around reception, the garage, disabled loo and tea / coffee area looking great. The garage needs some picture hooks and a final coat of black on the floor and top coat white on the white walls.

The tea and coffee area has its lighting bar, running water, work surface and splash back now it just needs some filling, cleaning, a kettle, cups. tea & coffee and a splash of milk. The doorway to the garage gallery now has its lovely wiggly mirror so you can see if anyone is coming up the ramp. The disabled loo needs its pictures, vase on the shelf, soap and loo roll dispensers filled.

The picture rail complete with fixings in reception was just waiting on the chain to arrive, well, the day came to try out the fixing system inspired by Welsh castle’s brass ones. The chosen painting was ‘Carnival Natives’ from my Bridgwater carnival series of paintings, a medium sized canvas just right for perfecting the chain suspension making it the first painting to hang in the gallery!

It’s fantastic to see a painting on the wall and art in the window really starting to look like a gallery now. Please see the latest progress in Jan photos 2021.

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