You wall not believe it!

I’m sure you all remember when the wall fell a few weeks ago knocked down by a customer’s car in the garage next door, well, the wall just rebuilt by Jack, the gates mended and last night a new post put in position lightly attached just to secure gates for the night. This morning Will and Jack discovered a problem with the mains cable in just next to where the wall fell down.

On investigation it was found that the mains cable ran around the bottom of the wall in the corner near the post, very close to the surface, covered with a little tarmac. Probably damaged when the wall and gates were impacted. Installed more than 40 years ago – these days no one would have put it in like that. Western power came out to site straight away took responsibility and started work immediately to repair, re-route and make good.

The cable disappeared underground where it should be, the men dug until they could see it but were unable to proceed with the digging as the new wall towered over them, so they said the wall would have to come down for health and safety as they needed to dig down further to expose the cable fully. So the wall again came down not as bad as the damage before just adjusted accordingly, work proceeded to replace cable I am assured that the wall will be re-built again, so, so glad no one was seriously hurt and we had held off re- painting. If you wrote this in a book people would think it unbelievable, just poetic license!

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