Power underground – Post dilemma

Western Power have restored the electric supply to the gallery replacing the old armored cable and routing it safely all the way to the fuse-board in St. Saviours studio, the impressive cable-join now buried at the bottom of the deep hole, dug not quite round nor square more rectangular under the dismantled wall, which has recently been filled with hardcore and now the tarmac top layer replaced, just the wall re-re-build to go not sure when but hopefully this week.

Will has been busy on another job so little has changed for a few days apart from the installation of new gate posts last week to support the repaired, enhanced gates and a bit of a tidy up. The posts need painting black gloss or blue or even one red one black – answers on a postcard please or comment on the blog. Remember the sculpture display wall will go back to white once the breeze blocks have been replaced and dried. The tarmac will mellow over time the old tarmac is very muddy and that will wash off soon with all the rain we are having.

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