Entrenched – Fun guy & Lion

The weather is bitter – so a quick catch up on the outside in the garden mostly drab this season is sporting one brave as a lion dandelion and some impressive fungus fruits. It snowed for a while today so indoor jobs much preferred.

Disabled toilet now has a solid doorframe to lock into, so a little painting, shelf completion, decorative paintings to hang and touch up here and there for the final finish here. The attention now turns to the old triangle shaped loo. I have been given a lovely art nouveau washstand back with green tiles and yellow stylised flower tiles with white marble top, perfect for the baby changing table in the wide end near the window original flat roofed loo. I’m sure its going to look stunning already a nice warm room with big radiator perfect for sorting out little-ones.

All along the garage wall a trench has been dug in preparation for the application of new render and waterproofing coat on the outside of the inside feature brick walls. This should increase thermal efficiency and weatherproofing in the garage gallery.

Looking for some old flagstones so if anyone local has some they do not need please let me know as I have a good home for them. Please see updated opening date have selected the 1st of May 2021 Beltane – everything crossed that this will be the day celebrating the fertility of the coming year.

Please see February photos

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