I can see clearly now – hooked on detail

The old bobbly glass panes with the metal grid in have been replaced with glass you can see through in the reception sash window – so soon you will be able to appreciate the wall hanging sculptures on the display white wall from reception on cold days like today.

Snagging and detailing in the gallery putting up hooks in the garage gallery bit of filling here and there then a paint touch up, two windows to secondary glaze still but much warmer in reception and garage than outside. Air brick in garage given a new modern look, the windowsill edge has been finished and the vent to under the disabled loo fitted – just a little paint required.

Next tasks to ensure every painting has fixings on the back, sort out the chain and exactly which paintings on display first and where. Also find a nice display for the shelf in the disabled loo and cover the mini-ramp by the front door.

I have fed the wood surround of the old 1020’s washstand with nut oil and wiped over the tiles – it will need a good clean and the wood needs a nice wax polishing The marble top will need a good clean too and a sturdy base making in timber – the lovely colour of the tiles will inform the colour choices in the old loo its going to be a fabulous baby changing area. Please see photos taken today.

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