On the threshold of a dream

Well, what a lovely lot of wonderful gifts – re-use is better than recycle! Have installed security grills on the downstairs windows in the coach house a gift from a neighbor, Also some very smart display stands in chrome and black glass for the gallery and a gift for my birthday a lot of paving slabs for outside the double doors to the garden.

The wearable art tote zip up bags have arrived been beautifully sewn by Sue and the trade mark studs have arrived too – just waiting for the dies for the machine to fix them to the bags and confirmation of the trade mark status due in April this year.

I have had a marvelous birthday lots of lovely cards, flowers and gifts, all of us promising a proper celebration together as soon as we can. My best present was my Dad coming home after two weeks in hospital – its so hard not to be able to visit so doubly fantastic to see him at home – my Mum n Dad are my bubble. I am going to buy a 360 camera with my birthday money so I can film walk through the gallery films.

Will has put in the mini ramp at the front wide door to make easy access for wheelchair users it looks a very smart and practical threshold – hard edges make things so rough for wheels so looking to eliminate this wherever I can.

The original 1930’s desk mentioned in the sale list of contents documents is back where it has lived for the best part of 80 years it has had some care and attention now a new colour scheme – just a final wax polish needed, The gas cupboard has a carved wooden door also getting a makeover and final polish.

It feels like the dream is very close now, phase one is nearly complete and Boris may say we can open soon.

Please see February photos

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