Happy New Year – Floored

I trust you all had a merry little Christmas and my sincere commiserations to those who’s plans were totally messed up this unusual festive season. Please see latest December 2020 and January 2021 photos, also its fun to look back to December 2019 quite a contrast.

Reception is nearly complete the flooring relaxing over the new year for a smooth finish the slate skirting being cut to shape – re use is much better than recycle these lovely old (welsh) roof slates half buried in the garden will be cut in half and have a new life indoors (in the warm and dry, bet they can’t wait). The garage floor has had its first coat of beautiful black and the ramp is covered with anti-slip black diamond commercial vinyl which has a bit of sparkle we hope to replicate this effect with a sprinkle of tiny stars scattered in the final coat of garage floor paint.

The Disabled loo is waiting to meet its new door (now downstairs in the workshop) and architrave also it’s silver metal joining strip between the freshly laid vinyl flooring and the anti slip slope vinyl. Now the door is off the studio bench work can begin on LED signage for front of building so that it can be seen from the Broadway one of our nearest main roads.

Still drawing up plans for sign on the back of building which can be seen from the main road into the town as the gallery sits near the busy intersection and can been seen from many angles behind the open corner plot which is the local petrol station.

Well locked down again and still not really got a plan C…. I am going with the flow now and the gallery will be my film set for a while look out for the gallery web pages – coming soon.

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