Safety Day

Today Richard came to check my fire extinguishers I had some old ones and some that had been left for me by Oxman & Walker, un-surprisingly many were just too old especially mine which came from my old Studio (further down Old Taunton Road) last checked in 95! So will need some new ones for the Gallery. What a lovely man we were chatting about the gallery and the challenges and I mentioned I needed a hard hat as the remaining tiles at the end of the long gallery are just held up by ivy and look very precarious which you may be able to see in the photos, so he has lent me his hard hat, perfect.

Today I dealt with some stubborn ivy roots and treated the ship-lap cladding at the bottom of the boiler shed and swept up the inside so now it can house some garden tools as well as the boiler. I positioned the water butt, just need to plumb it in and fit the tap now. There’s a little more to do on the shed roof with flashing needed on the far side and some more pointing of the brick work. On target to make it waterproof before any serious rain in fact the forecast seems lovely for the next week or so.

Last Tuesday afternoon Jamie did some remedial woodwork in reception and we took out all the old nails from the ceiling joists in preparation for the new ceiling. I have started the design work for the front entrance and reception, also the outside walls and ideas for the partition between the Oxman & Walker Sculpture workshop (the old carriage house) and kitchen to allow the natural light to be shared.

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