Bricks, Bottles, Bath and Boiler shed

Please see the the page with latest September photos. Great progress made – Oil tank gone from garden, flat roof and reception roof leaks fixed with new guttering thanks to Billy. Hole in internal brick wall turned into lovely doorway by Will thank you and my Mum & Dad for providing also delivering the right size bricks. Boiler shed frame replaced, shed roofed and clad thank you Jamie from me and the now cosy boiler.

The remains of the partition wall in reception gone thanks to Reg who removed the plumbing/radiators and Jamie for taking down the woodwork, lovely open space now just needs the door fixing up (when brickwork set firm), a dust, some nails removed, electrical work then new ceiling, insulated walls, new radiators fitted, flooring and painting – so a bit to do yet before I can truly call it reception! Not to mention the door at the front which needs to be wider.

Please see the photo of the lovely twisty top bottles and large standing stone (well its having a lie down at the moment) to be erected at the corner of the patio – please also see the smaller lovely old bath tub planted up with cyclamen thanks Mum. The war on ivy continues in the garden thanks Mum & Dad for yet another trailer job and Kirsty who is leading the fight against ivy, beat back the frontier again today with help and curiosity from her dog, such a lovely sunny Sunday – I spent most of my time today helping, admiring and pointing the old brick wall in the garden now we have exposed it from all the ivy and blackberry prickles! One of the pictures shows the building killer plant (also known as butterfly bush) removed from the main big roof – fortunately taken out complete with roots phew!

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