Interesting Finds

The aim is to get into the back corner of the garden, why I hear you ask is this a priorty when there is so much to do to the building, well the outside corner of the walled garden is in the garage forecourt of the neighboring property and unfortunately some time ago a large lorry backed into it causing a large crack which is due to be fixed and the builder will need access to both sides of the wall to do a proper repair.

The timing of this repair is not yet known but it is out of my control as it is the previous owners responsibly so they could turn up anytime. Taking away the dead tree and clearing yet more Ivy we got close enough to see the end of the long gallery/veranda, the end is a brick wall with a door not a hinged door but a door in the hole with wood bars to keep it closed and a boarded over window in the top of the door. beyond the end is a triangular porch roof getting wider to the back wall this is in a dangerous state as a budliah has grown right through it causing the loss of many roof tiles and those that remain are mostly only resisting the forces of gravity with the help of ivy. Yesterday Mum and I worked on removing ivy and bricks from underfoot to get closer need a platform to safely put up a ladder after we had done what we could from there we went into the end of the building and opened the end door in-front of us was an unusual object semi circular frame up on its end like a half moon/boat we freed it from the ivy and were able to take it through the door and out of the way.

Jamie who was with us working hard on rebuilding the boiler shed now that the Asbestos is gone said it would have been a former for the builders to make a bay window and for the joiner to follow to make the windows. That was not all we found a pair of interesting twisted top glass bottles, a Gothic arch window (unfortunately in a poor condition) and many other window frames some glazed well they were once now just another danger to cope with in our dangerous corner!

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