Through the Windows

Great day today today, good weather, good help and good progress thanks to Morgan, Scott & Reece who donned the hard hat, gloves and wheel barrow to take down the dangerous tiles falling from the collapsed porch at the end of the long gallery/veranda, clearing ivy as he went Scott carefully removed a tile at a time passing to Morgan and Reece to put into the wheel barrow, once safe overhead Morgan and I moved all the old and often very rotten wood window frames passing to Scott in the garden Some windows were glazed and some of the glass had been broken by the falling roof. We painstakingly worked our way to the back wall and almost into the corner. Only the young buddleia to cut out now – its growing right out of the wall see the pictures!

My other priority today was to take out as much sawdust from around the three phase electric and remove the wood cover from the fuse board prior to the electrician on site on Monday. So Morgan who was on his first visit to the gallery suggested we open the very large loading windows/doors – I had not done that before! – fantastic what a view and superb breeze, this really improved working conditions, will definitely open them again tomorrow. Please see pictures of the views from the upstairs painting studio.

Kayleigh accompanied by Morgan and Scott went to get ice creams for a welcome break sitting in the Garden, I shared my plans for the refurbishment and Morgan talked about the opportunities with the building and suggested my plans for a galley kitchen maybe too modest and maybe I should look at making it a more sensible size.

Some of the old windows may be partly usable, certainly the glass which has not been broken will be – as the panes have the kite mark on them.

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