Three phase electric – all gone

Thanks to Zach and Ashley who worked hard to take out all the 3 phase electric equipment upstairs which is not needed for the painting studio leaving just the normal electric power and lighting a dusty job in spite of all my sweeping up in preparation, every time you move something you find yet more sawdust – well what can you expect from 40 years of sawing and carpentry.

They also removed the wires from the old fax machine in reception from the socket! no idea why a plug was not desired, so now I have been able to remove it and the cupboard over the gas meter after a destructive morning I spent the afternoon repairing walls, sweeping up and adding to the lintel over the new doorway, I have ordered a sliding door kit in black iron I thought it looked in keeping with the character of the building and should look great with the old door but needed a flush support surface above the doorway, so have widened the wooden lintel to the full width of the wall.

I’ve added a few photo’s to September latest – things just looking a lot clearer with less holes and cracks, looking forward to building up instead of taking down. Oh and must mention my lovely new to me radiator – thanks Reg it’s lovely.

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