Momentous Day

Started with some washing and ordering the insulation panels for reception, then down to the gallery, a shy squirrel scampered away down the wall as I went to saw off the buddleia growing out of the wall like a bent pipe and through what was the porch on the end of the long gallery/veranda. I cleared the tree (so many seeds – cant wait to take it down the tip) and the ivy it was obvious to me that the wall damage was some time ago and probably brought down the roof tiles as the support for the roof was a timber going from the front corner of veranda back at an angle to the far wall attached to the inside corner brick work, this support timber would have been pushed away by the impact and wall movement outwards, causing the wood structure battens to become separated from the side this left the back tiles unsupported so fell down leaving the front tiles hanging on just mostly kept up by the ivy.

With a dragonfly for company and the loveliest weather I did a bit of digging around to find yet another flagstone crazy paving surface just under the grass, then I filled some more holes and cracks still no shortage of pointing, bit of a sweep up then it was time for lunch. After lunch a quick drive to Mole valley to order the battens for reception and new 4″ square posts for long gallery/veranda repairs.

On my return I was considering my dilemma ‘how big should the kitchen be?’ I studied the internal window could the wall go in the middle? hang on a mo – looks like one side opens – and wallah the window opens! only a little persuasion needed from my rubber mallet. I go out to see it from the other side and it looks like a great serving hatch – so no wall in the middle then, talking of Wall on the back surface of the long cupboard in the old office it was apparent that they were thinking re-use is better than recycle and had used an old brown wooden sign for …..erson and Wall ST. Bridgwater – (see pictures in September latest).

When I wended my weary back home I was greeted by my neighbour who had taken in the sliding door track so that went straight into the boot of my car for tomorrow and waiting on the mat was a letter from my solicitor the formal conclusion to my purchase the land registry title transfer of the property into my name : )

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